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Overview / Key Personnel

LiDAR Services International, LSI is a Canadian based airborne LiDAR survey company that has been in the airborne LiDAR business since 2002. LSI’s core team have been involved for many years in all aspects of LiDAR operations including the design and integration of key hardware components for a proprietary LSI manufactured LiDAR system. LSI performs all aspects of LiDAR field operations, LiDAR and high resolution digital imagery data collection, data processing and final data deliverables. LSI has completed LiDAR projects throughout Canada and the USA including projects in South America, Central America, Africa, and in Asia. LSI’s client base includes many mining companies, engineering companies, oil and gas companies, governments and electrical utilities.

  • Tony Tubman P.Eng. – President and Managing Director
  • Art Silver B.Sc. – Director/VP Sales and Marketing
  • Doug Hunter C.E.T. – VP Systems R&D
  • John Hagglund P.Eng. – VP Software Development
  • Ryan Burke P.Eng. – Operations Manager
  • Kari-Ann McNabb P.Eng. – Sales Manager
  • Kathleen O’Donoghue – Office Manager/Accountant
  • Paul Torgerson P.Eng. – Systems Development Manager

Experience / Why Choose LSI

LSI’s working owners have an accumulated total in excess of 50 years of experience in the laser/LiDAR survey technology field, from research, design, integration, manufacturing, to the collection of LiDAR data on five continents around the world. LSI’s core field staff also have significant international and domestic LiDAR experience and have operated and supported operations in the most remote and extreme environments. LSI is a privately owned company that in 2002 included four employees and a single HELIX LiDAR system. Currently LSI employs twenty full time staff and owns and operates three MATRIX operational airborne LiDAR systems. All of LSI’s LiDAR systems have been designed and assembled in LSI’s facility in Calgary, Alberta. 

Why choose LSI for your project?

  • Experience. This is clearly the #1 reason why you should consider LSI. LSI has more than 10 years of experience providing LiDAR surveys. 
  • Competitive. LSI provides competitive bids based on understanding the clients requirements and based on years of project planning and project completion experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction.  LSI strives to continually meet deliverable schedules and working one on one with clients to ensure satisfaction. LSI takes the time to provide this service not only to meet requirements but to go beyond these boundaries to ensure complete client satisfaction.
  • Proprietary LiDAR Technology. As LSI builds our own LiDAR systems, we have system knowledge that extends down to the chip level. 


Programmer / GIS Specialist Job Description

LSI is looking for a Programmer / GIS specialist for the development of our Gas Recon utility data management software and its ongoing support. The primary function listed is that of GIS Specialist, but a highly developed programming capability is also required, as outlined below under Skills and Expertise.

This position is based at our main office in Calgary.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Expertise with web site design, Java and Android implementation and deployment, and SQL databases is important.
  • Advanced familiarity or expertise with GIS tools, web deployment and application, and instrument software interface development is very desirable.
  • Applicants with knowledge and experience in Mapping systems and positioning integration, website security, IT for utility companies, PostGIS, GeoServer, Wicket, Spring will be given priority.
  • A university degree in a related discipline is requisite for this position.

About LSI

Although LiDAR Services is primarily a remote sensing, airborne LiDAR mapping company, we have expanded into a complementary terrestrial service for the oil and gas industry. Our Gas Recon division is focused on all aspects of leak detection and mapping for pipeline and facilities emissions management.

This expansion has opened some exciting opportunities for employment, and we hope you have the right skill set to become part of our growing enterprise!

Please direct your enquiries and application to Doug Hunter, VP Systems R&D (

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