News 2007

December 2007 – on behalf of the entire  LSI team, we would like to thank our customers for making 2007 a record year and for making the outlook for 2008 even better.

November 2007 – LSI in association with WIRE Services exhibit at IEEE CONCAPAN tradeshow in Panama.

November 2007 – LSI awarded extensive transmission line rating and new route surveys in the Edmonton area of Alberta.

October 2007 – LSI awarded 930 sq. km. LiDAR project to support Emergency Preparedness Plans (EPPs) for a number of existing dams in Central Canada.

October 2007 – LSI awarded new pipeline LiDAR and imagery project in northern Alberta.

October 2007 – LSI awarded 800 sq. km. LiDAR survey for an existing hydroelectric dam safety program.

  September 2007 – LSI completes the Kwoiek Creek new TL route survey near Merritt BC.

 September 2007 – LSI awarded new railway relocation LiDAR survey in Alberta.

September 2007 – LSI completes the Bucko Lake Mine topographic survey in Northern Manitoba.

September 2007 – LSI mobilizes aircraft for a  2200 sq. km. LiDAR survey for a major oil company.

August 2007 – LSI awarded 8 new water pipeline route surveys in Central Alberta.

August 2007 – LSI awarded the LiDAR survey for the Orphan Mine tailings volume and dam site determination project in Northern Manitoba.

August 2007 – LSI prepares to mobilize to Pelican Narrows Saskatchewan for as-built transmission line survey.

August 2007 – LSI completes transmission line rating survey west of Edmonton.

July 2007 – LSI completes 3 highway corridor projects in Alberta.

July 2007 – LSI flies the Glacier-Howser new transmission line route in British Columbia.

June 2007 – LSI mobilizes staff and LiDAR system to the Dominican Republic.

June 2007 – LSI completes Manitoba transmission line rating and new route corridor survey.

June 2007 – LSI VP Art Silver travels to Costa Rica for LiDAR services contract signing.

May 2007 – LSI takes delivery of 200,000 pulse/second digital waveform Laser for LSI’s 4th LiDAR system.

May 2007 – LSI completes Alberta transmission line rating project.

May 2007 – LSI awarded LiDAR project in the Dominican Republic for Barrick Gold Corporation.

April 2007 – LSI awarded 490 linear km transmission line thermal rating LiDAR survey in Alberta.

April 2007 – LSI awarded 544 linear km transmission line rating project in Central Canada.

April 2007 – LSI awarded Glacier – Howser new transmission line LiDAR survey in British Columbia.

March 2007 – LSI awarded the 600 sq. km. Assiniboine River Valley Flood Plain mapping project.

January 2007 – LSI purchases a second LMS-Q560 digital wave form, 200,000 pulses per second laser from Riegl.