News 2011

December 2011LSI completes new SE Alberta transmission line route survey.

November 2011LSI completes Wisconsin/Michigan utility line rating LiDAR survey.

November 2011LSI mobilizes LiDAR system to USA for 380 mile thermal rating project.

October 2011LSI awarded a Federal Government contract for 580 sq mile LiDAR survey.

October 2011LSI awarded a 450 sq km LiDAR project for a new Potash Mine in Saskatchewan. 

October 2011 – LiDAR Services, LLC completes 1145 miles of thermal rating in the USA.

October 2011LSI awarded 4 new transmission line LiDAR thermal and new route survey projects.

October 2011LSI awarded LiDAR pipeline route survey located in northern Alberta.

October 2011 – LiDAR Services, LLC teams with major US engineering company for 680 mile LiDAR thermal rating project in north central USA.

October 2011LSI awarded new transmission line route survey SE Alberta.

September 2011LSI continues to grow and posts new job opportunity in the Careers section for LiDAR Data Analyst.

September 2011 – LiDAR Services, LLC announces contract award for a 465 mile DC transmission line thermal rating survey, crossing two states, in the USA.

September 2011LSI opens wholly owned USA subsidiary company called LiDAR Services, LLC.

September 2011LSI mobilizes aircraft for a large LiDAR mapping survey in British Columbia for a major oil and gas operator.

August 2011LSI receives contract for tailings ponds LiDAR mapping survey in northern Alberta.

August 2011LSI awarded airborne LiDAR survey over 7 coal mines in British Columbia Canada.

July 2011LSI awarded resource exploration LiDAR program in Northwest Territories Canada.

July 2011LSI mobilizes LiDAR survey aircraft for Western Canada new transmission line route survey.

July 2011LSI awarded large wide area LiDAR mapping project in Northern Saskatchewan.

June 2011LSI completes high resolution corridor mapping LiDAR project.

June 2011LSI awarded 350 linear km transmission line thermal rating LiDAR mapping project for Canadian Utility.

May 2011LSI mobilizes survey aircraft to Ontario for large LiDAR mining project.

May 2011LSI commences LiDAR data collection operations on transmission line project in the USA.

May 2011LSI welcomes the addition of two Geomatics Engineers to the LSI team.

April 2011LSI prepares to support a 3 year LiDAR services contract award for a USA based electrical utility.

April 2011LSI awarded 410 sq. km. LiDAR survey for mining operation north of Sudbury Ontario.

April 2011LSI prepares to support a 3 year LiDAR services contract award for a USA based electrical utility.

April 2011LSI awarded 410 sq. km. LiDAR survey for mining operation north of Sudbury Ontario.

March 2011LSI mobilizes LiDAR system to Indonesia for large forestry/mining mapping project.

March 2011LSI takes delivery of new Riegl VQ-480 airborne scanning laser.

March 2011LSI exhibiting at the PDAC 2011 Mining Show in Toronto.  Visit us at booth #231.

February 2011LSI attends the International LiDAR Mapping Forum in New Orleans.

January 2011LSI completes 870 linear km transmission line thermal rating LiDAR survey in Panama.

January 2011 – LSI announces career openings for Project Managers with a Geomatics background.

LiDAR Services Completes 1145 Mile Thermal Rating Project

LiDAR Services, LLC., announces the completion of field data collection on a 1145 mile transmission line thermal rating program in the USA.  The LiDAR survey was conducted to verify that the transmission lines physical condition is consistent with current operations to satisfy NERC Line Rating requirements.  LiDAR Services, LLC teamed with a large US based consulting engineering firm for contract award. 

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LiDAR Services Takes Delivery of New Riegl Airborne Scanner.

LiDAR Services International (LSI) has taken delivery of a Riegl VQ-480 scanning laser that will be integrated into LSI’s 3rd MATRIX airborne LiDAR system.  The VQ-480 will be paired with a new Northrop-Grumman tactical grade, low noise IMU. 

“Since beginning operations in 2002, this latest Riegl purchase is the 6th scanning laser acquired by LSI” said LSI President, Tony Tubman.  “From our initial acquisition of a custom manufactured LMS-Q140HR  through early adoption of LMS-Q140 and LMS-Q240 scanners, to our more recent integration of two LMS-Q560 waveform scanning lasers, LSI has been very pleased with the performance of the Riegl product line.  Their operation has performed admirably, especially in the challenging and difficult survey environments and locations that LSI has worked in over the past 9 years”.

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Completion of Panama LiDAR Survey.

LiDAR Services International (LSI) is pleased to announce the January 2011 completion of a major mining LiDAR project in Panama. 

The project was for a Canadian mining company developing a new mine on the Azuero Peninsula in Panama.  The company needed updated topographic information as well as updated aerial photography.  The new mine is located in an area of dense jungle canopy and has limited vehicle access.  From the deliverables that will be provided by LSI, the mining company will be able to move forward on planning the new mine site in a very quick and efficient time line. 

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