Fall 2021

We are headed to Saskatchewan and beyond, collecting wide area projects for environmental and mining companies. This data will be used to aid our clients in their planning and operations by providing full life cycle mapping.

As winter draws closer, the need to collect this data before snow accumulates, becomes a higher priority. If your company has a project that is time, or weather, sensitive, please contact our sales team.

June/July 2021

LSI has been busy collecting data in northern BC, Saskatchewan and the Yukon for various mining clients. The various terrains provide challenges for information gathering that can be mitigated by the experience of our field crews and processing teams.

The beauty of our territories can be seen in the image below.

May 2021

LSI has completed a data collection campaign across the western half of Canada. During the campaign our crew collected data for a pulp mill in Saskatchewan, a mining project near Timmins, Ontario, and back to BC for another mining project.

We were awarded two large area mapping projects in the Yukon.

If you are interested in having lidar data to get the information you need for your project, please contact our sales team at bids@lidarservices.ca.

April 2021

LSI completed the data collection of a number of transmission lines in Western Canada.

We were also awarded a large survey for a mining company in the Yukon, and a survey to assist an Engineering company with tailings management in Saskatchewan.

Spring 2021

LSI is preparing for our 2021 collection season. We have an experienced team of professionals to respond to all your aerial lidar survey and imagery needs.

Please contact our sales team at info@lidarservices.ca to discuss how we can map the information you need to know.

LSI Completes +1500 sq. km. Mining Survey in Manitoba

October 2020: LSI has successfully flown a 1500 sq. km. LiDAR project in the Thompson Manitoba area. The project was completed using a Piper PA31 Navajo aircraft that had been approved through the end client’s extensive aviation safety audit. All end client and Government of Manitoba COVID protocols were followed without any issues. The project was flown just before the full arrival of winter much to the relief of all parties.

LSI Completes SaskPower Project

September 2020: LSI has completed an airborne LiDAR project for SaskPower which included a 245 km new transmission line route survey, a new substation survey and an existing transmission line survey. The entire project was completed in one day.

LSI Awarded Saskatchewan Potash Mine Contract

September 2020: LSI has been successful in getting awarded a large potash mine project located approximately 30 km NE of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. The LiDAR project is scheduled to be flown at the end of September. LSI will use a Cessna 182 aircraft using the LSI MATRIX LiDAR system. Both LiDAR and high resolution imagery will be collected.