News 2006

December 2006 – LSI announces completion of projects in Indonesia and Arizona. LSI thanks all customers for another great year!

 November 2006LSI mobilizes LiDAR system to Kalimantan, Indonesia for 20,000 ha coal mine expansion survey.

 November 2006 – LSI awarded 400 linear mile transmission line rating in Arizona, USA.

 October 2006 – LSI awarded the 815 sq. km. South Pembina River Watershed LiDAR survey covering areas of Manitoba and North Dakota.  LSI will use the HELIX-3 digital waveform laser for this project.

October 2006 – LSI mobilizes for a new transmission line route survey in Vermont, USA.

September 2006LSI awarded the Watson Creek new transmission line LiDAR survey near Hinton Alberta.

September 2006LSI mobilizes LiDAR system for additional work on the Alberta to Montana new transmission line.

September 2006 LSI awarded an 1800 sq. km. 3-D seismic LiDAR project in northern Alberta for a major oil company.  The project will be done using LSI’s HELIX-3 digital waveform LiDAR system installed in a fixed wing twin engine aircraft.

August 2006 – LSI completes LiDAR project for Husky Energy in Alberta.

August 2006 – LSI awarded new highway corridor survey for Saskatchewan Department of Highways.

August 2006 – LSI awarded 250 sq. km. LiDAR survey over 4 new uranium mine sites in Northern Saskatchewan.

August 2006 – LSI awarded 800 km transmission line rating survey in Costa Rica.

July 2006 – LSI completes eastern Canada transmission line LiDAR survey.

July 2006 – LSI completes 180 linear km transmission line rating project in Alberta.

June 2006LSI awarded project extension to 2005 transmission line new route survey in Western Canada.

June 2006 – LSI awarded contract to collect LiDAR data for the construction of the NE Calgary ring road.

June 2006 – LSI awarded 700 km existing electrical transmission line LiDAR survey in Nova Scotia.

June 2006LSI begins work on 450 linear km transmission line rating project located in Alberta.

May 2006LSI awarded 1000 sq. km. flood plain mapping project in central Canada.

May 2006LSI completes 600 km ground surface subsidence mapping project for Canadian Potash mine.

May 2006LSI ships the HELIX-2 LiDAR system to Malaysia for new highway survey and railway expansion.

May 2006LSI completes 70 sq. km. South Tobacco Creek Watershed LiDAR project.

April 2006LSI completes forestry related pilot project out of Prince George British Columbia.

March 2006 LSI awarded 400 linear km of 115 kV and 230kV transmission lines for rating project including 90 km of 66kV distribution lines.

January 2006LSI awarded 260 km existing transmission line rating/re-rating contract.