News 2009

 December 2009 – on behalf of the entire LSI team, we would like to thank our valued customers for making 2009 another outstanding year and for making the outlook for 2010 even better.

November 2009 LSI welcomes the addition of 3 new staff, 2 survey engineers and 1 electronics technician.

 October 2009 LSI awarded highway realignment LiDAR survey in western Canada.

October 2009 LSI completes extension to the Heartland Project, for SNC Lavalin.

October 2009 LSI receives contract for the SaskPower Northern LiDAR Reinforcement Project.

 October 2009 LSI receives LiDAR services contract for a new 365 sq. km. potash mine near Wynyard Saskatchewan.

 September 2009 LSI awarded 1300 sq. km. LiDAR survey for subsidence measurements at 4 Potash Mine Sites.

September 2009 LSI awarded 345 sq km new gold mine LiDAR survey in SW Ontario Canada.

September 2009 LSI awarded a 380 km new rail alignment route survey located in Ontario.

August 2009 LSI mobilizes LiDAR system to Costa Rica for the first phase of a 2 year LiDAR program.

July 2009 LSI completes the Fox Mine LiDAR Survey – Manitoba.

July 2009 LSI awarded 4300 sq. km. watershed / hydraulic modeling LiDAR project.

July 2009 LSI awarded a 1400 linear km transmission line thermal rating and vegetation management survey.

June 2009 LSI LiDAR to be used on a T/L route survey for a new Wind Farm.

June 2009 LSI awarded Saskatchewan Potash Mine LiDAR survey.

June 2009 LSI completes LiDAR project for Suncor Energy.

June 2009 LSI awarded the +800 linear km 500kV Heartland new transmission line LiDAR survey.

June 2009 LSI completes the 420 sq. km. Winnipeg River bank protection and monitoring LiDAR survey.

May 2009 LSI awarded a LiDAR and Imagery mapping contract for a new uranium mine site and haul road options in Nunavut.

April 2009 LSI awarded the Broughton’s Creek Watershed LiDAR survey for Ducks Unlimited.

April 2009 LSI awarded USA transmission line thermal rating project.

April 2009 LSI awarded a 405 linear km LiDAR thermal rating project in western Canada.

March 2009 LSI awarded a 600 sq. km. LiDAR survey for a new Canadian gold mining project.

March 2009 LSI and WIRE Services will exhibit at the IEEE Power Systems Conference in Seattle May 15 – 18/09.

February 2009LSI exhibits at the PDAC Mining Show in Toronto.

January 2009 LSI and WIRE Services co-share a booth at International LiDAR Mapping Forum – New Orleans.