NW Ontario LiDAR Contract Awarded to LSI

October 2016 – LSI is pleased to announce the award of a new transmission line LiDAR survey in NW Ontario.  The project will be undertaken using LSI’s MATRIX LiDAR system installed in a fixed wing aircraft.  Project is expected to start October 20th weather permitting.

LSI Awarded Transmission Line LiDAR Survey

October 2016 – LSI has been awarded a 600 linear km (373 mile) transmission line LiDAR vegetation mapping survey in east central Canada.  This project is for the same Electrical Utility client that LSI has flown over 4000 linear km of transmission lines in 2015 and 2016 combined.  LSI is planning to mobilize one of it’s MATRIX LiDAR systems to the project area on October 7th.

LSI Completes Additional Gold Mine Survey

September 2016 – LSI has completed a second airborne LiDAR survey for TerraX Mineral Inc., over their Yellowknife City Gold Project which is located immediately north and south of Yellowknife NWT.  The first TerraX LiDAR survey was completed in 2014 and with recent new land acquisitions, a second LiDAR survey was needed to tie these new land acquisitions into the existing LiDAR data base.  All LiDAR and imagery data was collected in one day using a twin engine aircraft.

LiDAR and the Rayrock Mine Remediation Project – NWT

September 2016 – LSI has completed a LiDAR survey over the former Rayrock Mine  an abandoned and decommissioned uranium mine located approximately 145 kilometres (km) northwest of Yellowknife NWT.  LSI was contracted by a large engineering firm to collect LiDAR and imagery data over the old mine site.  The purpose of the survey is to assess the hydrology/hydrogeology to determine watersheds, flow directions and sinks in and around the mine site.



LSI Completes New Transmission Line Route Survey

September 2016 – LSI has finished data collection over a proposed 170 linear km. new transmission line route in Western Canada.  In addition, a number of new substation sites were also surveyed. LSI used the MATRIX LiDAR system flying at 400 m above the ground to get a laser point density of 10 points / m2.

LSI Completes Alberta First Nations LiDAR Survey

September 2016 – LSI has completed a 290 sq. km. LiDAR survey over three (3) Communities belonging to the Little Red River Cree Nation in northern Alberta east of High Level, AB.  LSI was awarded this contract by a Engineering Consulting Company based in Saskatchewan.  LSI used a twin engine Navajo aircraft out of Calgary for this project.  Besides standard LiDAR data deliverables, 20 cm. pixel orthorectified digital imagery will also be provided.

LSI Awarded Potash Mine Baseline Subsidence LiDAR Survey

August 2016 – LSI is pleased to announce the award of a LiDAR contract from a leading Potash Mining company in Saskatchewan.  The project involves a high resolution LiDAR survey for Baseline Subsidence Monitoring within the mine’s solution mining area. The LiDAR survey data will be used in a regional hydrological model to monitor any effect to the hydrology environment due to solution mining.

This project will be the 18th airborne LiDAR project that LSI has been awarded by various potash mining companies operating in Saskatchewan alone.  The total LiDAR mining project areas flown by LSI in Saskatchewan now exceeds10,000 sq. km.


LSI Awarded LiDAR Contract For Canadian Gold Mining Company

August 2016 - LSI announces award of a LiDAR contract for the Closed Mine Site / Reclamations Operations division of one of Canada’s leading gold mining companies.  The project in located in NE British Columbia and involves a high definition LiDAR survey along two creeks that border a mining operation.  Total project area is approximately 200 sq. km. in size.  The project will be flown at the end of August early September time line.

LSI Awarded Transmission Line LiDAR Survey Project

July 2016 – LSI is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a 1050 linear km transmission line thermal rating LiDAR project in Western Canada.  The project will be flown using a Bell 206B3 helicopter with a LSI MATRIX proprietary LiDAR and camera system installed on board.  The project is scheduled to commence at the end of July.